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Cabernet Candle Journey

Diante Simmons is a chandler that believes every individual should have the safe space and opportunity to express their creative side. Born from a desire to provide such a unique space for those whose creativity and need for human interaction were being overshadowed and stifled by quarantine lockdowns, started the beginning of Cabernet Candles.

Launched in September of 2020, Cabernet Candles was established as an alternative to provide new and soon-to-be brides with the opportunity to celebrate with small intimate gatherings for their bridal parties. Hosting in-home bridal showers and birthday events afforded the opportunity for a worry-free and safe affair, unrestricted from the chaos of the surrounding events, where creativity was encouraged in addition to social distancing.


As a parent, university student, and Correctional Sergeant working full-time as an essential employee, Diante Simmons was able to quickly grow Cabernet Candles. From hosting Delaware’s first candle-making and wine tasting event in October of 2020, then branching out to candle-making and wine tasting events at a plethora of surrounding wineries. Cabernet Candles has hosted at a multitude of businesses, including the prestigious Winterthur Museum, as well as accommodated non-profit events at community organizations such as Shepherd Place homeless shelter for women and children.

Diante Simmons Cabernet Candles


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