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Wooden Wicks vs Cotton Wicks


Our events have always been dedicated to creating a memorable piece of art to take home and enjoy for future occasion

s, whether a bath, dinner, or a day of relaxation. We've previously used wooden wicks for all of our candles, but have recently added cotton wicks to our category of choice.

Why have we changed our wicks?

Simple, many of our guests and customers were having trouble lighting and maintaining their wooden wicks, as not many were experienced in the "art of the crackle". Now, everyone gets a choice of what type of wick they would prefer, adding even more of a custom option to our experience. For those who are unsure of which wick would be best to add to their custom candle, don't worry, we're here to light the way...

Lighting, Burning, and Relighting

The difference between wooden and cotton wicks has been a growing conversation, as more candle lovers are starting to explore the world of luxury candles. Wooden wicks are thin sheets, or tubes, of wood crafted specifically for candles. They require a bit more maintenance and come at a slightly higher cost. Cotton wicks are braided strands of cotton that are dipped in wax to form their shape. For many, wooden wicks are not only more esthetically pleasing, but the slight crackling of the wood adds a calming and soothing effect. Others, prefer the traditional cotton wicks for their familiarity and easy maintenance.

Wooden Wicks

Slated better for indoor use due to the likelihood of extinguishing under light wind, wooden wicks require 20 to 30 seconds to light, and should be lit with a stick lighter rather than matches. The scent throw may be better or worse depending on how much scent you've added to your candle, and if your wicks have been pre-soaked in the same scent. Wooden wicks traditionally burn longer than cotton wicks, with a created flame that will be low and horizontal. Be advised, there can be variations in the batches of wicks ranging from a different density to thickness.

Cotton Wicks

On the contrary, cotton wicks are better for outdoor use, without any sharp winds of course. Cotton wicks are more versatile, as they can be used with all types of wax and molds. They produce a flame that is much higher, and is very easy to light with either a stick lighter or matches. It is recommended that you burn your candle no longer than 4 hours at a time because cotton wicks tend to burn off the fragrance from your wax more quickly.

Wick Maintenance

Whether you choose a wooden or cotton wick, many of the basics still apply. Trimming your wick to about 1/4" will maintain a decent flame and steady scent throw. Burning in increments of 1 to 2 hours will help maintain the performance of the candles, as well cleaning off the burnt buildup and soot before each lighting. You always want to assure you are using the correct size and number of wicks for your vessel, being sure to scale up or down when using a smaller or larger vessel. But most importantly... Remember your choice of candle is unique to you. So, grab a glass of wine, a cup of tea or coffee, and just BE...

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