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A Message to My Sunflowers:

Hello Ladies!

I want to thank you all again. Having you ladies join me at the first ever Sunflower Retreat was nothing short of an amazing experience. Getting together a group of women for a fun and engaging multi-day event will forever be a highlight in my journey. I am grateful that you shared your energy with me, and will forever hold your light in a special place in my heart.


Additions for 2025

Every experience offers the opportunity for growth. Being the first retreat, there are many areas where we saw need for improvement. Here are some additions we will be adding to the 2025 Sunflower Retreat. Let us know if you agree!



Stay tuned for the Sunflower Retreat 2025

May 29th to June 1st!

Reservations open 8/1/2024... Use code SR_2024 for $50 off each guest booking.

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